Premier Concrete Pumping Ltd

Premier Concrete Pumping is the only UK nationwide specialist of our type and we believe that gives us unrivalled service and dedication to our customers.

  • Piling & Foundations
  • Geotechnics
  • Grouting
  • Railways
  • Specialist Civil Engineering

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We have three depots with workshops, and nine field service vans on the road strategically placed to give a genuine nationwide UK service.

Our dedicated hire desk and service staff will happily give advice on concrete and grout pumping applications and provide knowledgeable technical back up for all queries, basic or complex.

We offer service back up to contractors own fleets as well as our own and can service/ repair your machinery in the field or in your yard.

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At PCP we genuinely are only as good as our last hire and we firmly believe in honest rates with honest and open customer relations.

We understand the pressures our customers are under to get contracts completed both on time and budget and we really will go that extra mile for you.

Those that get the best out of us, ask the a certain way of course!

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Combine our skills and our equipment and you have an experienced, specialist pumping package designed wholly to your requirements, whatever and wherever the application.



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Static/Trailer Mounted Concrete Pumps

PM70 Static/Trailer Mounted Concrete Pump

The “big ones” of the UK fleet, perfect for the larger Piling and Civil Engineering projects.

Built by Putzmeister, for speed and volume these are the machines.


UPDATE: March 2016; we are now taking delivery of new PM70's with Stage IV engines that comply to emission regs now and going forward. 


For information on our larger output Pumps please contact our hire desk.


PM55 Static/Trailer Mounted Concrete Pump

Designed by Premier and manufactured by Putzmeister. The PM55 is adaptable to all concrete pumping applications and suitable for certain grout mixes too.


UPDATE: As of Jan 2014 we have a new updated PM55. Again it is very compact for its pumping capabilities. Like the PM70, it is remote controlled and the Deutz Tier IIIB engine complies to emission regs now and going forward.

We even tweek ours for better performance!

Click on the following links to download the Concrete Pumps technical data and the associated CFA Piling Guide.

Grout Pumps

P11 Grout Pump

These very versatile SP11's are the Rolls-Royce's of Grout Pumps. It is perfect for high output bulk deliveries or site mixes for renders, grouts and mortars. It is fully hydraulic and can be used for spraying or free flow applications. With its variable increased high pressure output it is top of the range.



CL410 Grout Pump

These Colcrete vertical mounted progressive cavity pumps have proven to be excellent additions to our fleet. Fitted with a “silent pack” noise reduction package and mounted on either a site-towable chassis or a low easy access skid, these pumps are perfect for many applications especially in the Geotechnical sector. The real beauty is in its simplicity.


Electrically driven CL410 Grout Pumps are also available.

CL1010 Grout Pump

This is the “big brother” of the CL410. Diesel or Electrically driven, it has increased mixing and pumping output and is mounted on a low, easy access but robust steel skid chassis. You won’t find many of these available for hire, but we like to buck trends so now you know where to look.



To download the Grout Pumps technical data, click here.

Agitator Re-Mixer

CF12 Agitator

There aren’t too many of these around. This is a 12m3 capacity Cifa Re-Mixer c/w fitted Diverter Valve which on large or small sites can have varying benefits. For absolute volume this Agitator is a must.

CF9 Agitator

The mainstay of the PCP fleet. This is a 9m3 capacity Cifa Re-Mixer c/w fitted Diverter Valve which is actually deceptively compact for its holding size. With more and more 8m3 Trucks on the road it’s a great size.

CF7 Agitator

A really popular size, this 7m3 capacity Re-Mixer c/w fitted Diverter Valve has good carrying capacity and is relatively light. It is also ideally suited for work on the railways.




CF5 Agitator

The smallest member of the Agitator fleet. Our new 5m3 capacity Re-Mixers c/w fitted Diverter Valve are extremely well proportioned and perfect for smaller loads and tighter sites.


The Valve

Our Agitators were designed in close partnership with our customers with Health, Safety and Production very much in mind. All have wander leads, they come with elevation skids if required and the heartbeat of the machine is the in-house designed Diverter Valve. Hydraulically operated, it eliminates the need for ramps to be built for Truck Mixer deliveries and cuts down on time and more importantly accidents!


We can also supply Valves mounted on independent frames for use in conjunction with Mixers or for differing applications. Valves can be purchased via Premier Pipeline with free advice on fitting.


The cleaning of excess concrete from inside Agitators is a contentious issue. Due to health and safety reasons we do not authorise anybody other than specially trained operatives entering our mixers.


We want to supply all of our mixers empty of any residue however this is not always possible so we endeavour to have one of our staff on site to check off the weight of the unit on delivery and collection. If this is not possible we will work with you, to provide an exact weight by using your on site lifting facilities, our specialist hauliers or a verified reading from our yard crane. If you are not happy with any of these arrangements please contact our hire desk to discuss.


Due to not allowing our own staff to enter the mixers we use a specialist High Pressure Hydro Jetting contractor to cut the concrete out. This is expensive and our standard charge is £1200 per tonne. To provide absolute transparency we are happy to provide you with the costings to clean a particular mixer.


We do not make money on cleaning charges and would encourage our customers to seek the advice of any specialist contractor to discuss the above. If you have a cheaper way to clean these units please let us know!!


To download the Agitator Re-Mixer technical data, click here.



Pipeline Hire

If the job you are on does not warrant purchasing Pipeline such as Flexible Hoses, Steel Pipes, Bends or Couplings etc we can hire them to you. You don’t even have to hire our Pumps.


Engine Emissions Equipment

As we try to be forward thinking at PCP we can offer the vast majority of our equipment fitted with Diesel Particulate Filters for the LEZ and similar schemes. We are also investing a great deal in new emission compliant machinery to meet the demands of the modern day construction project.

We can also fit Chalwyn Valves and Spark Arrestors to a lot of our machinery and such kit is becoming a more standard requirement for contracts such as in Petrochemical sites.



We will train your personnel to use our machinery and we can provide in house certificates to demonstrate competence.



If any of the above is of interest please contact us to discuss.