Our Team

At PCP we pride ourselves on having the same core values we had when we were a family based company. Our expansion has not changed these values nor our dedication to our customers.


We still try to do our very best to give a personal service and each one of us has bought into the age old ethos of good customer service. Whatever the requirement we'll always do our best to help wherever possible.


Things will go wrong but its what you do when that happens that really counts and we certainly wont rest until you are happy. If you want your supplier to be part of your team or want to know they are always giving 100% we assure you we at PCP always are!


Our team has considerable years of combined experience within the company and more years than we could count of experience in the industry as a whole.


Its not just the main staff members you need to rely on, from our engineers to our drivers, to our office staff we all push in the same direction.


The team players listed to the right are the key contacts.



Rob Wain - General Manager


Rob Wain is the General Manager of Premier Concrete Pumping. He has been with the company for fourteen years and has worked his way up through the ranks to this position. He is a trained Operator and Engineer so he really knows what he’s talking about! Rob is always happy to discuss requirements, large or small. 


Tel: 0118 9343 772   Mob: 07879 692646   Email: rob.wain@pcpgroup.co.uk

John Ryder - Operations Manager


John Ryder has forty years experience in the plant industry, working for some of the UK’s biggest names in Piling and Civil Engineering. He joined Premier Concrete Pumping in 2011 and has enabled us to keep up with today’s Health & Safety, Environmental and Logistic demands.


Tel: 0118 9343 772   Mob: 07920 844580   Email: john.ryder@pcpgroup.co.uk

George Bunby - Operations Supervisor


George Bunby has over twenty five years experience with Premier Concrete Pumping and what he doesn’t know about Concrete Pumps isn’t worth knowing. He can sort most pump queries out over the phone and simply put is a legend in the industry.  If you have any service issues in the first instance please contact George.


Tel: 0118 9343 772   Mob: 07775 853132   Email: george.bunby@pcpgroup.co.uk



Lindsey Gibson - Hire/Sales Exec


Lindsey Gibson has two main roles. She is your primary contact for Rig hire but she also has a wider role representing the company as a whole. Lindsey has vast experience in the piling industry’s hire sector and is known for her honest and fair customer relations. She puts her customers first and gets things done which is why she’s highly thought of. 


Tel: 0118 9343 772   Mob: 07584 107575  Email: lindsey.gibson@pcpgroup.co.uk